When will the last episode of Parizad be released in theatres?

The drama “Pari Zaad” is now the most popular in the Pakistani drama business.

The audience has responded positively to every episode and component of the drama, which is about to come to a close and for which an important announcement has been made.

The government has made major news on the final episode of this drama, stating that the final episode would be created to decorate theatres.

According to the management, the first episode of singer Atif Aslam’s play Sang Mah” will be exhibited in theatres for fans.



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Later, the final episode of the popular drama series “Pari Zaad will be screened for fans at the cinema hall.

It may be remembered that earlier this year, the final episode of Pakistan’s most popular drama, Mere Paas Tum Ho, was presented in theatres, and that same practise was recreated two years later.

It should be noted that the statement about the final episode of the drama series Peri Zad was made at yesterday’s gala premiere of Sang Mah.

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