When Bhagyashree stopped acting, her husband was seen as a “villain.”

Bhagyashree is a social worker and an actress from India. She is known for her roles in Hindi movies and on Hindi-language TV.

When Bhagyashree stopped working, she said, people “painted” her husband, Himalay Dassani, as a monster. Bhagyashree, who quit acting after Maine Pyar Kiya, said that people got Himalaya wrong, even though they didn’t know him. She said that once the couple was on a reality show, people saw that her choice 33 years ago to choose love was the right one.

Bhagyashree said, “No one knew about Himalaya when Maine Pyar Kiya came out and Himalaya and I got married.” In fact, people thought he was bad because I married him and stopped working after that. But when people saw us on our recent show together and heard about how we felt about each other, they fell in love with us. People were able to follow our journey and learn more about Himalay ji. They got to know him as a person and saw that the choice I made 33 years ago for love was the right one.

I was very lucky that the time I spent with my family and kids, raising them and taking care of them, meant that when I needed to make a comeback, they were all there to back me up. They told me that you have done a great job with all of your responsibilities and taking care of your family, so now it’s our turn to let you live your dreams. I was lucky that my family, especially my kids, helped me. In fact, it was my kids who told the rest of my family that she should now follow her dreams. When they did this, the universe helped me and things kept happening. “

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