Chhavi Mittal describes how her son assisted her during a difficult period.

Chhavi Mittal stated that her son, who was just three years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, has made her proud with his unwavering support.

Chhavi remarked, “The account of my battle with cancer would be incomplete without mentioning the role this small boy played in it. Among the things I did to prepare for surgery, I dreaded telling @arhamhussein that I wouldn’t be around for a bit.

However, coming from a baby who had not yet turned 3 at the time, it was a surprisingly unexpected response! Someone who sobbed every morning before I left for the office has suddenly grown up! Not only did he not cry during my absence, but he also behaved nicely with the caretakers I had stationed. And when I returned home from the hospital and wanted to recuperate, he made certain to periodically remind me not to pick him up since I was “hurt.”


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“He would continually inquire about my “chot” and request to see the sutures. I would inform him that I was feeling better, and he would respond, “That’s not the case.”

He pressed my feet with his little hands, and he held me with the utmost care, asking me each time if it hurts when he hugs me, since my operation was on my right side.

“Even today, when he cries for something and I rush to pick him up, he howls to remind me that I’m still not permitted to do so.”

Arham, my love, you make me so proud! And I’m pleased that you are with me through this and that you continually remind me of what true courage is… by gazing at my wounds and stroking them with your healing touch, by being courageous and passing on your courage to me

Because, in reality, how could this be easy for any mother if her child is unhappy? “

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