Videos of Hareem Shah doing daring things with her husband went viral.

Hareem Shah and her husband, Bilal Shah, keep showing off their relationship, even though they get a lot of bad feedback.

This time, the two were seen having a private moment together, and Shah’s most recent video of the event quickly went viral online. because of how often they talked on their PDAs. Hareem just put up a new video on Instagram.

In which she gives her husband Bilal a lot of praise while kissing him. To add to the videos she has been making lately that are controversial and cause arguments. This time, she turned off the comments. But the video turned into something interesting. because people on the Internet have always shared it.

Shah’s most recent post made internet users and keyboard warriors wonder about the strange videos that have become popular on social media.

The Sindh High Court had told Shah before that he had to meet with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) by April 18 as part of a supposed investigation into money laundering.

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