Asim Azhar and Merub Ali appreciate the monsoon rain.

With the monsoon approaching, Pakistanis are presently witnessing substantial rain and beautiful weather in many cities. Many celebrities did not hesitate to post images of themselves enjoying the rain.

Tera Wo Pyaar singer Asim Azhar and his lovely fiancée Merub Ali are also no strangers to the scene.

Merub recently posted an Instagram story of Asim and two of his friends having fun in the rain while listening to the Bollywood hit song Kajrare Kajrare.

The model is sporting a tie-dye shirt, while Asim is clad in a red shirt and shorts. For the cheerful and relaxed smiles on their faces, Merub playfully titled the story “Two rain moods.”

The fiancée and her mother-in-law, Gul e Rana, recently attended Asim’s concert in Karachi.

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