Ushna Shah has denied ever dating anyone.

Ushna Shah is a Pakistani actress with exceptional talent and ability who has been working in show business since 2013. Ushna is a beautiful and intelligent woman who makes her life worthwhile.

Ushna Shah, a Lollywood actress, shared a picture with pro-golfer Hamza Amin on her official Instagram account a few days ago, leading the public to believe that the two had recently gotten engaged. Could you be my escort, because they don’t make ’em like you anymore, just like those two-door Fords,” Ushna captioned the photo.

Ushna Shah recently took to Instagram to dispel speculation about her connection with Hamza Amin. Ushna stated, “There’s some confusion going around, so let me clear things up: I’m not engaged, and I never said I was.” But thank you for your kind wishes. “

After Ushna’s statement went viral on social media, people attacked and mocked the actress for her latest statement about her relationship. Take a peek at the public evaluations we’ve gathered here!

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