Mahira Khan says that she doesn’t want to do item numbers.

Mahira Khan is a well-known Pakistani actress and movie star. She started her career as a VJ so she could work with Sharukh Khan in Raees.

The Bin Roye actress has been the best in movies for a long time, and she is great in every role she plays. She has worked on projects like Bol, Sher e Zaat, and Humsafar, and she also likes to dance to fast-paced music.

Mahira must also have item numbers on her list if she has characters like Noori from Superstar. Because of how well her performance was received, Noori became the biggest star of the season.

In a recent interview, Mahira Khan said that she doesn’t like the name “Item Number” and that she thinks the songs add to the story. She said that even Noori “added a lot to the picture’s story.” The actress said that she doesn’t sing “item songs.”

People told Mahira that it was clear that Noori was a love song, so when she said it wasn’t, there was some anger. Khan’s claim is also not true, as shown by a song on her most recent album, Quaid e Azam Zindabad.

People told her that Noori was definitely a song about a couple. They had some interesting points of view.

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