The new short film will star Ushna Shah and Affan Waheed.

This past weekend, “Junction,” which was directed by Mohsin Talat, was put on YouTube by one of Pakistan’s digital platforms that is growing the fastest.

Junction is a story about two lovers, Javaid and Nigar, who meet at a train station on a stormy night in 1947. While they wait for their train to their final destination, they talk about their childhoods in India.

Radain Shah’s Junction is about a tragic and heartbreaking love story. Ushna Shah and Affan Waheed play the main characters, and Jawed Iqbal fills out the rest of the cast. Even though the whole short takes place in a train station, the dialogue moves the story forward.

“As humans, there are some things we will never fully understand. There’s a lot going on in our lives that we can’t see or even understand. The show’s executive producer, Seemeen Naveed, says, “In the grand scheme of things, we all play important roles, but often it is fate that leads our lives down certain paths, and all we can do in the meantime is have faith.”

“The idea of love has changed and been misunderstood over time. Love, like life, can’t be explained; it can only be felt. However, our false ideas about what love is make us feel more pain than is necessary. With these short films, we hope to make content that makes us think and makes us change the way we think. “

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