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Tamannaah Bhatia talks about the sexism she encounters in the workplace.

Tamannaah Bhatia, an actress whose talent has always astounded the public, recently had a confidential conversation. During her visit on the fourth season of Woman Up, the actress discussed her career and the reasons she’s always wanted to be an actor. Tamannaah also covered a variety of other subjects, including coping with misogyny in the workplace, Women’s Day, and body shaming.

The performer talked about recent cases of misogyny. She continued by saying that it’s crucial to educate the younger population and to show them that “behaving that way” is not cool. When asked if it had occurred to her at the beginning of her work,

Of course, a lot of it still occurs, Tamannaah retorted. I just have the impression that as you gain influence, you start focusing on issues that are truly important. I keep referring to myself as a person because I believe that as women, it is not necessary to continually say, “Oh, this is a guy’s world, and I am a woman in it.” Instead, I am a person and a human being at the outset. I therefore demand to be regarded as you would a fellow human being. As I attained a place of power, I began to treat myself that way.

I came to the realisation that I needed to stand my ground because I don’t believe I would handle another human being that way.

Therefore, it was more about a person, which cleared up a lot of misconceptions about the type of misogynistic environment we work in and live in and how to deal with it because, if you don’t acknowledge that it exists and will exist, you are in denial. The best you can do is address the issue while also raising consciousness, as I believe the younger generation—the kids—should understand that being this way or that isn’t cool. I find it extremely strange that there is a lot of coolness associated with a certain level of misogyny because many people believe it’s cool to be that way.

But I believe that we should educate people and tell them that’s not cool and nice.

Despite her extensive filmography and current position of authority, Tamannaah asserts that misogyny is still an issue. Ask her about the difficulties she encounters.

“I think not valuing a woman’s opinion as much as a man’s opinion,” the speaker admitted, “so for me, I experience that a lot where I have to really explain myself and say that this is what I think it is. However, that view would have been received much more favourably if there had been a male counterpart. So even something as simple as a viewpoint I think you should maintain the strong conviction you have in your beliefs, make your case, and stand your ground.

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