Govinda enjoys his son’s birthday with his wife and daughter.

Sunita Ahuja, Govinda’s wife, and Tina Ahuja, Govinda’s daughter, were seen with Yashvardhan Ahuja in Bombay. They walked outside to enjoy the birthday of the actor’s son, Yashvardhan. In an Instagram video, they were caught on camera smiling for the photographers.

Yashvardhan and his mother were seen beaming for the cameras in the video. He also called his sister Tina to appear in front of the cameras as they entered the Bombay eatery.

Yashvardhan performed Govinda’s famous song Goriya Churana Mera Jiya on stage with the thespian last year. They appeared in a segment with Sunita on Season 13 of the singing television show Indian Idol. Govinda shared a video from the show on his Instagram page, and Yashvardhan also shared pictures from the event.

While on the show, Sunita made fun of the notion of “creating” a kid with Govinda. When Sunita appeared on television, Dharmendra was with her, and Sunita remembered how Govinda had kept a photograph of Dharmendra with her when she was expecting Yashvardhan. “Chi Chi, when I was expecting Yash, you gave me a picture of Dharam ji, and I gave you such a wonderful result.

Sunita predicted in January that Govinda would reveal Yashvardhan soon. “Yashvardhan’s start was pushed back due to the COVID-19 shutdown. We are negotiating with a few stakeholders about his debut. We want respected production firms and a compelling narrative because this will be his debut picture. My child is putting in a lot of effort for his theatrical premiere. He is constantly improving his physical looks, performing, dancing, and other activities. “We’ll launch him shortly,” she earlier told ETimes. According to the story, Yashvardhan and Soundarya will be partnered together in the film.

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