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Sushmita Sen Explains Why She Has Never Been Married

Sushmita Sen has always been truthful and has never apologised for anything, whether it is regarding motherhood or her relationships. Even though she had to deal with ridiculous rumours and questions about marriage, she never gave in to social pressure.

In a recent conversation that went wherever it wanted, the actress talked about her personal life, relationships, children, and her decision to never get married.

During an interview for the television programme The Icons, Twinkle Khanna revealed that she almost got married three times but didn’t because the men weren’t suitable. She added that God always prevented her from marrying the wrong person.

She continued, “Fortunately, I’ve met some very intriguing men throughout my life, and the only reason I’m not married is because they were disappointments.” It had no bearing on my children. My children were never a factor; they have been nothing but gracious. They have welcomed people into my life with open arms, treating everyone with equal love and respect.

It is the most stunning thing to observe. I came close to tying the knot three times. God has saved me on three occasions. I cannot tell you what misfortunes befell their respective lives. “God did protect me, but because he also protected these two children, he could not allow me to engage in a nasty affair.”

Sushmita Sen stated that when she first began dating after adopting Renee, she made it abundantly clear that her daughter would always be her primary priority and that she never expected anybody else to share this obligation.

She also states, “Once I became a mother and Renee came into my life, forget Alisah, when Renee came into my life, there was no male who didn’t know she was my top priority.” There was no question about it. I was not of the age to say, “I love you, baby, and I’ll do everything for you,” since I was too young. And second, I did not give anyone false hope.

This was the end. My kid is really vital to me till she reaches a certain age, because she depends on me. Now, I do not expect anyone to share the duty with me, but please do not ever ask me to move away from it. “

At the age of 24, Sushmita Sen adopted her first daughter, Renee. This contradicted numerous stereotypes. Even though she had a child at the height of her career, the performer never married immediately. She wanted to find the best possible spouse, not just a father for her children.

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