Saba Qamar getting married? Find out by reading!

Saba Qamar won hearts with her amazing performance in the movie Kamli, which just came out. As a result of her work in Kamli, she is now a stronger and more flexible actress, and her spellbinding acting skills can be taken literally. If you see her in Kamli as Hina, you won’t be able to stop thinking about her for a few days.

As you all know, Saba just put out a video of herself in her room, surrounded by beautiful flower arrangements. Her posts hinted that her life was going to change in a nice way.

She also said in an interview that she was in love with a person whose name is still a secret. She said she would soon reveal the name of the man who made her blush, and we can’t wait. Sarmad Khoosat just put up a post that seems to confirm that Saba Qamar is getting married. He let the cat out of the bag. He called her Hina and wrote Hina k hatho main Hina on the note. He went on to say that this wonderful girl deserved all the happiness in the world. His job is here.

From this post, it looks like her wedding party has started, and she will say more about it later. Sarmad Khoosat wishes the best of luck to Saba Qamar, who is the best actress. We are just as excited as you are for it to come out.

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