Srha Asghar shows off her dancing moves along together with her partner in viral clip

Srha Asghar, who is a rising star, and the husband of her Umer Murtaza is capturing hearts on the internet because of the awe-inspiring popularity of their video of dance via social media.

The Aik Sitam actor shared an updated performance reel of dance via her Instagram account. The post quickly gained traction through social networks.

Srha moved with Nathan Evans’ rendition of “Wellerman” while wearing matching outfits.

“Haar Jeet tou Chalti rehti hai (victory and defeat are both part to the process)” Asghar wrote in the video’s caption in reference to the victory for cricket’s Indian cricket team over the Green green shirts.

Not just did a lot of users on social media watch the video, but a lot of them also liked the video and gave the young couple with heartfelt greetings.

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