Rahat Fateh Ali is under fire for her recent photo post drinking Controversy

One of Pakistan’s most famous performers and the most well-known artists are without certainty Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. He has enjoyed extraordinary achievements in his career, and has brought glory to Pakistan in the world. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is mainly on the news for his inability to pay his taxes.

However, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has stunned everyone with a clip of him surfaced in which he appeared be drunk. At the time the first video came out it got a lot of positive feedback from viewers, and soon became quite popular.

Khan’s fans still love the singer and his music however. After his viral video, a photograph of him smiling for the camera being surrounded by a number of women who were eager to snap a picture with him went viral recently.

The army of trolls, however, was not able to resist looking at the vocalist in “Mann Ki Lagan” through their glass of criticism. The troll army brutally teased him in the wake of an embarrassing video and made funny comments about his appearance.

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