Shimon Abbasi lashed out at those who criticized his marriages

Lahore: Actor Shamoon Abbasi gave a sharp reply to the critics who criticized his marriages.

Actor Shamoon Abbasi, who recently got married for the fourth time to Pakistani showbiz actress Sheree Shah, has criticized his critics in an interview and said that he was taught by his father that there is no custom for a girlfriend in our society. No, that’s why they got married.

Shimon said that people do not understand that marriage is better than keeping a girl as a friend.

The actor said that people often ask him why did you get married. To which my answer is that my brother! I needed a wife, not a girlfriend.

Shimoun Abbasi said, “My father has taught me that girlfriends are not a concept in our society. If you want someone in life, you should marry her.”

It should be remembered that after the confirmation of marriage by Shamoon Abbasi and Sheree Shah, where the fans expressed good wishes for the couple, they are being severely criticized by the critics for getting married for the fourth time.

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