How did Sanam Jung enter the world of acting?

Karachi: Pakistani showbiz actress Sanam Jung has revealed that she was fired from her first drama.

Recently, Sanam Jung participated in Express TK’s program ‘The Talk Talk Show’ where she revealed that she was rejected for her first drama.

Sanam Jung said that she completed her MBA and then started her career as a VJ, but after a few days her job was terminated, after which she was jobless and Neena Kashif gave her heartbreak. Called for an audition.
The actress said that she auditioned but was rejected by the director of the play, Rumi Ansha. The director said that Sanam Jung will not be able to act.

Sanam Jung said that he called me himself, then rejected me and sent me home but later the director was changed because he did not agree with me.

The actress said that after this the play was directed by Shahzad Kashmiri and thus she got a chance to enter the world of acting. Sanam Jung said that she feels that when something is written for you, you get it.

It may be remembered that Sanam Jung’s first drama with actor Imran Abbas was ‘Dil Muttsur’ which gave him immense fame and then he never looked back.

Sanam Jung is currently seen in Express TV’s drama ‘Pyari Mona’ which is being appreciated by the fans.

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