Shaista Lodhi educates Dananeer Mobeen about her risky beauty hack

Dananeer Mobeen shot to unprecedented popularity thanks to a 5-second video which sent the web into the internet into a frenzy.

This Instagram influencer has consolidated her place in the social-media world as an internet star that is well-known by her positive personality and stunning appearance since her viral video was released.

The Sinf e Aahan actress has huge fans due to her fame and her influence on the acceptance of a variety of new trends and fashions in the world of beauty. The actress tried the lip-plumping technique this time. Adnan Zafar and Mathira are among those who do not have enthusiasm.

In a show with two influencers from Dubai “Ken doll” and “Ali Sufian Wasif,” Shaista Lodhi has slammed Dananeer. She voiced her opinion about Mobeen’s shrewd beauty techniques she stated, “I don’t understand that how a person with the mobile phone transforms into a doctor or an influencer for herself. It’s very risky, be careful not to do these things. Avoid applying red chilli directly onto your lips and use the red or pink blush for these beauty tricks.”

“If someone is able to become a doctor or an expert, it’s through a process , just as I got a doctor’s license through the process. I’m sure that if internet in this country is down for one day, the majority of the influential people will disappear from the scene” The actor added. Pardes actor.

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