Imran Abbas’s relationship with Ameesha Patel is a source of criticism

Imran Abbas who is gorgeous and talented Pakistani performer and model earned notice quickly due to his commitment and impressive appearance. Imran has appeared in numerous films and dramas. The actor has been able to perform on Bollywood too.

Imran Abbas recently flew by airplane for Bahrain in order to participate at the “First Social Media Awards.” Ameesha Patel who is the Indian model, present at the event in Bahrain. Imran Ashraf along with her pal Ameesha were seen recently enjoying themselves while re-creating an original Bollywood track “Dil Mai Dard Sa Jaga Hai,” that was first filmed by Ameesha Patel, and Bobby Deol. Imran Abbas said, “Loved being “very filmy” with my friend Ameesha.”

The video quickly gained attention on social media and irked the fans. Imran Ashraf’s relationship with Bollywood model Ameesha Patel has angered internet users. What the online community has to say about it is listed below!

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