Shae Gill’s “most lovely voice” is complimented by Nakuul Mehta.

Shae Gill’smost beautiful voice, according to Indian television actor Nakuul Mehta, has received high appreciation.

A popular Indian TV actor called Pakistani singer Shae Gill was “beautiful from the other side of the border.” Nakuul Mehta called her “beautiful from the other side.”

The Ishqbaaz actor praised Gill’s strong voice on Twitter.

This is the most beautiful and powerful vocal performance I’ve heard in a long time from Shae Gill.” “It’s still there,” he wrote.

Fans flooded the post with praise for the singer’s new collaboration with Ali Sethi, Pastor, in response to his Tweets.

Yup! was the response from a social media user. I’ve been listening to pastor for a long time. Now I have to track out some more music for her.

“Pastor is so beautiful,” said the 39-year-old actor.

A few weeks ago, Gill told the BBC Urdu that the show Coke Studio asked her to be on was a great honor.

Thank you, that’s all I said. I was apprehensive at first. After what had just transpired, I was in disbelief. “I had to process that for a time,” she said.

Gill described the experience of working with Sehti as “amazing.” New singers are sometimes apprehensive about working with such an accomplished musician as Ali Sethi, yet Ali is a kind host. He’s a great guy and he’s got a lot of music expertise to impart.

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