“Azaad Hun – Azaad Hun” – Sounds of Kolachi start a freedom movement through their latest song “Azaad”

Islamabad:-Sounds of Kolachi strike once again with their new song “Azaad“. A powerhouse of women behind the vocals have taken up this narrative that takes down veils from the true state of women in Pakistan. 

Nimra Rafiq along with Khadija, Manoor Sehar, Neha Fahim Khan,Hiba Asim Khan and Rimsha Qureshi  have started a freedom movement that will become the anthem for every Pakistani woman suffering in the hands of suppressors prevailing in the society. 

In a country where women are subjected to suppression and no freedom,Sounds of Kolachi becomes their voice through “Azaad”- a song by the women for the women. 

With patriarchy hailing for centuries in this part of the world,women have been suffering beyond words.From domestic violence to work place harassment to women being seen as the weaker sex. 

SOK has always been very woke and mindful when it has comes to making a difference to the society through their music.They do not just touch upon issues that are a taboo but rather give them a voice loud and proud for the world to see and hear. 

And that’s exactly what their new song “Azaad” is all about.They are helping women by giving them a voice so loud that their sufferings are not just heard or seen but impactful enough for the society to step up and stop the oppression against women. 

This powerful musical movement has been composed,written and produced by the music maestro Ahsan Bari.And directed by Sibtain Saghir. 

With SOK raising awareness each time they release a new song they light a candle of hope and love for Pakistan and show to the world that music too is a strong weapon against all evil.

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