Sarrah Zhalay appears stunning in a black leather skirt.

The beautiful actress Zhalay Sarhadi was spotted having a nice time with her friends at a recent birthday celebration. She looked amazing in a matching black turtleneck and black leather skirt.

Zhalay dressed elegantly for her chilly night out.She exuded a party-ready mood by donning stunning shoes and letting her hair loose with wonderful fringes.

Zhalay made a pretty fashionable choice for her chilly night out. She gave herself a party-ready attitude by donning fabulous heels, wearing her hair loose with cute fringes, and dressing up. Her exposed pout and smokey eyes make her appear hotter.

There, Pakistani model, actress, and former VJ Zhalay Sarhadi is well-known. She made her acting debut in Muthi Bhar Mitti in 2008, and in the years that followed, she appeared in the drama Aks. Since then, she has been in a number of well-known TV shows, such as Mere Bewafa, Qismat, and Uraan. Zhalay is from a well-known family of Pakistani celebrities. Her grandfather, Zia Sarhadi, was a well-known screenwriter and director in the Indian film industry. Through his niece, she is also linked to famed Pakistani actress and television personality Khayyam Sarhadi.

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