A poor lady claims to be a relative of Sajjad Ali.

In a recently released video, a poor woman identifies herself as Sajjad Ali’s sister. She mentioned their common lineage and introduced herself as a member of his family. “I hail from a classical music background,” the woman, Bushra Akhtar, said as she gave her name and introduced herself. One of my grandfathers is Baray Ghulam Ali, who was my biological grandfather’s actual brother. I am the daughter of Akhtar Hussain. If my brother Sajjad Ali were to hear what I’m saying—even if he didn’t care about me—I would still pray for him and beg Allah to grant him happiness and good health. Our families are related.

. Despite the fact that Sajjad Ali’s paternal grandfather, Baray Ghulam Ali, and his family frequently perform music, we in the Mian Qadir Bakhsh family made the decision to refrain from singing due to restrictions.

She went on to claim that she wanted to sing and was looking for an opportunity to do so in order to become famous and earn money. Additionally, she took on other well-known names from her grandfather’s pupils, most notably Tafu. “I know Sajjad Ali is a very kind man,” she said, “so maybe he wants to meet us but doesn’t know where we are.” She allegedly worked around the house and solicited donations. She asserted that she performs music at Darbars in order to raise money for her sick spouse. She lives with her husband and two children. Bushra also sang the tune. She says she wants to sing and gain fame. The URL for the video is given below:

People expressed their sympathy for the poor woman, praised her singing, and advised artist Sajjad Ali to look after his sister. They find her vocals to be compelling. Here are some remarks:

Pakistan is lucky to have a brilliant vocalist community that has produced amazing music that has greatly influenced the growth of the media industry. One of them is the Pakistani singer Sajjad Ali, who is adored by both domestic and international followers.

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