Sana Javed urged Manal Saleem to leave the cosmetics room: eyewitness

An eyewitness said that Sana Javed requested that Manal Saleem be removed from the cosmetics area.

Syed Hussain, a makeup artist, has come out to assert that charges against Sana Javed of being nasty to model Manal Saleem during the controversial photo session are accurate.

Hussain, who observed the whole event, took to Instagram to share the full storey.

“I’m here to make an official statement on the present issue… as the sole makeup artist for both of these celebrities on the day the event occurred, as well as an eye witness,” Hussain said.

“I stand by the reality that there was just one makeup artist and one room for their makeup throughout the shoot,” he continued, noting that the model got on-site before the Khaani actor and so began having her makeover before Javed.

“Manal arrived at the session first, and I was doing her makeup when Sana entered the room and requested that Manal be removed. “Manal departed, and my helper finished her appearance,” he returned.

Sana stopped Manal’s photographs in the midst of the session, to which Manal objected, and Sana replied with nasty remarks,” he wrote.

As a member of this business, I vehemently detest such behaviour, whether it comes from a rising star or a well-known celebrity.

He concluded, “No one has the right to embarrass another person with their poor language or to degrade another person with their unpleasant behavior.”

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