Sana Fakhar talks about why she got divorced and who gets her kids.

Sana Fakhar is a great Pakistani actress who has been in a number of well-known Pakistani movies and TV shows. Her popular serials include Alif Allah Aur Insan and Babban Khala Ki Baitiaan. A few months ago, Sana Fakhar said that she and her husband Fakhar were splitting up and that they were going to get a divorce. She also said, “Breakups are painful.” She was very sad that her marriage of 13 years was ending. She was on today’s show with Nadir Ali and gave a hint about why she and her husband broke up.

Nadia Ali asked, “I’d like to know how things are going with your divorce.” “Would you be willing to talk about it?” Sana replied, “First of all, clear the status.” I wrote, “Breakups hurt.” Sometimes you have to break relationships because if you don’t, a lot of other things will break, and you’ll have to live your life with those losses. Sometimes, you have to be a part of something. Everyone has a different path in life, but we are all Allah’s creations.

“It’s too sad; it’s personal, but I’m famous, so people want to know why it happened.” It was hard to save, and I had already saved too much. Also, I don’t think divorce is a good thing. When I felt something, I told people about it, and now it’s a mystery. Allah never puts two people apart. They are separated if one of them is a hypocrite. You can call me a hypocrite in this case. “Always, relationships have to end so that many other things can be saved.” She also said that her kids lived with her.

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