Sadia Faisal commemorates her wedding anniversary with loved ones.

Sadia Faisal celebrated her wedding anniversary with her husband, son, and the rest of her family, which included her parents and two siblings. Sadia and her mother, Saba Faisal, attended their daughter’s special day while attired in traditional attire. Here are some photos from Sadia’s family’s wedding anniversary celebration:

Saba Faisal is currently one of Pakistan’s most prominent drama actors. Her entire family is involved in the entertainment industry, and audiences have witnessed her transformation into the regal mother in Pakistani plays. She is involved in nearly all of the main projects currently being released. Due to the controversy and turmoil surrounding her daughter-in-law, Neha Salman, her family is frequently in the news. However, her daughter Sadia has always been her pillar of support.

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