Saba Faisal Admits Fault and Addresses Controversy with Daughter-In-Law

Saba Faisal Acknowledges Mistake and Addresses Controversy with Daughter-In-Law

Saba Faisal, a talented and acclaimed Pakistani television actress, has garnered a devoted fan base with her outstanding performances in various successful dramas. Her exceptional acting skills and impactful roles have been instrumental in the success of these shows. Recently, her portrayal in the drama series ‘Chand Tara’ received praise from fans and viewers.

During her appearance on the show ‘Chocolate Times With Ayesha Jahanzeb,’ Saba Faisal openly discussed the controversy involving her daughter-in-law, Neha Salman. Reflecting on the situation, she candidly accepted her mistake, stating, “I was involved in a significant controversy recently, and I take responsibility for it. I spoke about something unnecessarily, and I should have chosen to ignore or avoid it. It would have been wiser to handle the situation with silence.”

Previously, Saba took to her Instagram to address her fans after facing criticism following her daughter-in-law Neha Salman’s social media posts. However, she eventually decided to remove the video from her account.

Saba Faisal has an impressive body of work, including notable dramas such as ‘Humsafar,’ ‘Durreshehwar,’ ‘Lashkara,’ ‘Baaghi,’ ‘Pyare Afzal,’ ‘Thora Sa Haq,’ ‘Zara Yad Ker,’ ‘Khaas,’ ‘Habs,’ and ‘Ghalti.’

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