Rimha Ahmed Offers Cute Photos With Life-Changing Tips

Rimha Ahmed has thousands of followers on Instagram, where she shares videos and pictures from her acting and modelling careers.
Rimha recently posted pictures and inspirational messages on Instagram.

The Muqaddar Ka Sitara actress said in the caption that overcoming adversity may help individuals live better lives.

“If you truly want to change, you have to face difficult circumstances,” she stated in her caption. Stop attempting to evade the procedure. There is no other way to develop.

Rimha plays Natasha in Muqaddar Ka Sitara, a drama about using marriage as treatment for poor parenting.

Safdar wants Natasha to marry Razi (Inayat Khan), who declined the chance to marry the female lead, Hadia (Fatima Effendi Kanwar), due to misunderstandings.

Safdar disinherits Natasha of all of his assets when she marries Sherry (Asad Butt), a guy who impersonates her by acting as a wealthy man, without his consent.

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