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Review of Fraud’s first episode as a drama

The first episode of the drama series “Fraud,” which has a lot of big names in it, was very popular. The drama series stars Saba Qamar, Mikaal Zulfikar, and Ahsan Khan in prominent roles. And after a long break, the three are getting back together. The script was written by Janjabeel Asim Shah, and Saqib Khan was in charge of making the movie.

It’s safe to say that the first episode is more like a prologue and an introduction to the character and the story.

The story starts with Maya having a bad dream. Her sister, Mayera, already knew that she was having another bad dream about her wedding, which she had been having for a while. Why? We will soon find out.

The scene changes to show the girl’s father, Nisar, going shopping for himself and for his sister Shaziya, who is now a widow. We found out that he wants his daughters to get married to rich businessmen so they can live well.

Nayal Maya’s cousin likes her, but Nisar quickly turned down the “Rishta.” As Nayal was paid for his work.

Later, the episode goes in a different direction with Tabraiz. who, with the help of his mother, plans to trick another girl.

From what I can tell, the drama seems to have a better and more interesting plot. But isn’t that what Saba Qamar is supposed to do? I think Maya is the girl Tabraiz wants to trick. So that’s where the name of the book came from.

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