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Rani Mukherjee explained the reason for not using social media

In today’s digital era, where the race for followers is on on social media, Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee is one of the few personalities who does not use social media.

According to Indian media reports, in a recent interview, Rani Mukherjee explained the reason for not using social media.

He said that social media puts a different pressure on you and it has to be updated on a daily basis and it cannot handle both.

Rani Mukherjee said that it is each person’s choice whether they want to succumb to this pressure or not. When social media started, everyone told me that you should create an account on social media, but I know very well. I can’t do this thing, I’m not good at it, so why bother using it again?

Apart from this, Rani Mukherjee said that I have kept my personal and professional life separate, my husband Aditya Chopra and I do not even talk about films in front of our daughter.

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