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People on the internet believe that Jubin Nautiyal’s news music is a copy of Tahir Shah’s Eye-to-Eye.

When someone uses the phrase “eye to eye,” one of Taher Shah’s most “legendary” tracks from Pakistani history comes to mind because it was the song that shattered the internet there in 2013. The humorous song not only became extremely famous but also gave Pakistanis some of the funniest and best memes ever. The song “Mast Ankhein” was published by Indian singer Jubin Nautiyal, who has previously faced criticism for stealing Pakistani songs. Many can’t help but speculate if the singer was inspired by Taher Shah’s popular song “Eye to Eye” once more.

This time, a musician from Nautiyal’s own nation noted the startling resemblance between the song’s music and tune. In a video comparison of Jubin Nautiyal’s “Mast Ankhain” and Taher Shah’s “Eye to Eye,” Jumani asked his Instagram followers if he was the only one “who believes that the song was influenced” by Taher Shah’s “Eye to Eye”.

The YouTube content creator also pointed out similarities between Nautiyal’s outfit for the single and Taher Shah’s signature look. Jumani combined the two tracks by inserting melodic cues from each to create a mashup that made many viewers laugh.

Two of Tahir Shah’s tracks recently gained popularity due to their unusual and odd lyrics. Eye to Eye and Angel are two of these tracks.

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