People criticise Faysal Quraishi for making a statement about Parizaad that wasn’t clear.

People had a lot to say after the famous actor Faysal Quraishi said some confusing things about the drama series “Parizaad.” Since his video about the drama went viral, a lot of people have talked about it.

The actor was on a podcast with YouTuber Junaid Akram, where he talked about “why” “Run of the Mill” Drama Writings are a Success.”

He said that out-of-the-box screenplays have always been turned down.

He said that he was glad that popular dramas like Parizaad were being made. He also said, “I wanted to act in that script, but they turned me down.”

He also said that the writer got mad at him when he told him what people had said about the script.

When Bashar Momin said something about Parizaad that wasn’t clear, people were angry and critical.

Many people liked the script that Ahmed Ali Akbar wrote because it was different from what had been done before. Many fans said they went to see it because Ahmed Ali Akbar played the part so well.

Many people said that the actor got the role for season 2 because he was a good actor. They say that the actor says a few things that don’t need to be said.

But since it’s a role for a younger person, many fans were glad Faysal couldn’t play it.

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