Mehwish Hayat’s first movie in Hollywood is “Ms. Marvel.”

In this episode, we got to know more about Mehwish. She played Kamala Khan’s (Ms. Marvel’s) grandmother when she was younger.

Nimra Bucha, who plays Najma in the superhero show, was there as well.

Hayat said earlier this month that her dream of being a part of the Marvel production had come true.

She wrote on Instagram, “Working on Ms. Marvel and being a part of the MCU is a dream come true for me.”

You can’t imagine what it means to finally have the first brown Muslim superhero we can all relate to and who speaks for us.

“Words can’t describe how happy my inner child is to see my culture portrayed so accurately on screen in a mainstream Hollywood movie,” she said.

She went on to say, “I hope this will show actors in Pakistan that they need to look beyond their own borders and give Hollywood the confidence to hire talent from Pakistan.”

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