OKB and Twitter users uncover old, emotional tweets by Islamabad Police Twitter account

Many of us may cringe at the thought of our old social media posts from a decade ago, filled with oversharing and embarrassing content. However, imagine the capital city police department having posted content that they would rather keep hidden from the public eye.

Thanks to an anonymous Twitter user, actor Osman Khalid Butt discovered Islamabad Police’s old tweets, ranging from cheesy Eid greetings to updates about their pool parties and vacations in Murree. Along with a group of Twitter users, Butt exposed these old and now-deleted tweets, providing hilarious live commentary on them.

On Friday night, Butt shared a thread of the most amusing tweets, thanking the individual who first discovered the Islamabad Police’s old tweets that were swiftly being deleted.

The tweets made Butt feel nostalgic for a time when Eid greetings were “full of cheese” instead of being “half the Oxford dictionary.”

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