Nikki Tamboli is now concentrating on Bollywood. “Why go for good enough when you can get the best?”

Nikki Tamboli, an actor, says that she is reading a lot of screenplays to find the right role for her Bollywood debut. She has become more confident through her work on small screens.
“If you can have the best, there’s no reason to stay for the good. Why stop at the stars when you can reach for the moon? She inquires, explaining the thought that prompted her decision.

“I feel confident enough to take on new challenges, and it’s time to hit back hard,” says the 26-year-old. I’ve been thinking about my options and reading scripts, but I needed something I could relate to and see myself doing. I’m just looking for the right part.

Nikki Tamboli became well-known after taking part in the reality show Bigg Boss. She has since been in a number of music videos. She is now looking forward to taking part in the big Bollywood game. “I’d like to work on a movie with lots of action. I adore motion. There is also a lot of Bollywood drama. I’d like to play two roles, and a biopic is something I’d definitely like to do. I like to be challenged. She says, “As an actor, I want to be like this person.”

After actor Radhika Madan talked about how hard it is to work on TV, the debate about performers using TV as a stepping stone to get into Bollywood has recently picked up speed.

Tamboli says, “I don’t think that’s true,” when you ask her about the idea that TV is used as a stepping stone.

“Some actors see TV as their main way to make a living. People know them because they have been on TV their whole lives. On the other hand, some people play the main parts in movies. I also think that luck plays a part. She says that just because an actor gets a movie after putting a lot of work into a TV show doesn’t mean that they used the show as a stepping stone.

When asked how working on reality TV shows helped her get ready for Bollywood, the actor said, “Working on reality TV shows gave me the chance to be myself and let everyone know the real me. The positive attention and praise I got from it helped me get into the big screen business.

She says, with excitement, “I have a lot of plans and can’t wait to share them with everyone.”

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