Nida Yasir pushes fad diet in her previous episode

Nida Yasir is a skilled actress and host from Pakistan. Nida Yasir just talked about her new diet plan on her morning show.

In one of the most recent episodes, she talked about her amazing soup-based diet. Nida said that every day she eats a soup that helps her lose weight. She said that the soup on the diet is a mix of other diets. Also, she does it for a week before she does it again. She also had a dietician check out her diet soup. The dietician came on her show.

“I use a soup made of cabbage, coriander, tomato, green onion, and green chili. Nida said that she added flavor to her food with Tabasco sauce and soy sauce. I eat this soup every day, even when I’m on a different diet.”

She also went to a nutritionist for help. So, the dietician told her to switch out the sauces for organic flavor enhancers. Nida says that she only eats fruits with her soup on the first day of her diet. On the second day, she skips the fruits and only eats vegetables with her soup.

Nida went on, “On the third day, I eat both fruits and vegetables with this soup.” On day four, I only eat lentils in the form of soup with this soup. On day five, I eat bananas and shakes with this soup, and on day six, I eat baked potatoes with this soup. I have chicken soup with tomatoes and chat masala on the seventh day.”

But netizens didn’t like the way she chose to lose weight. Many people say that she is promoting fad diets that can throw off your hormones and make you tired. Because of this, the health of many women can be harmed.

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