Is Aima Baig “trying too hard” to copy Deepika Padukone’s famous eye look?

Aima Baig is a singer from Pakistan who is known for her beautiful voice and amazing skills. She is definitely the most well-known young singer in Pakistan. Aima is always changing how she looks. At the start of her career, Aima had a unique look, but she has changed a lot since then.

But people took this change as a sign that she had to become Ariana Grande in every way. We kind of agree with it, and the picture below shows why.

Baig went on to talk about the accusations, saying that they were not meant. Now, she’s back in the spotlight because Bollywood star Deepika Padukone said she was a “copycat.”

As such, the talented singer has shared some new photos. Fans loved her pictures, but some of them were bad. People said that she had copied the cat eyes and winged eyeliner look of the famous Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. They said that she first tried to look like Ariana and then tried to copy Deepika’s eye expression. She was also praised by many fans. Many people laughed at her daring clothes. One fan said that she was just like Billie Elish.

Do you think Miss Baig is trying too hard, or do you think her fans are being too harsh?

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