Nadia Khan talks about the bad parts of her childhood.

Nadia Khan talks for the first time about how hard her childhood was. Nadia says that her faith is what made her a famous actress. Shoaib Mansoor asked her parents if she could be on his show. Nadia says that her professors used to hate her and punish her because she was well-known when she was in school. Nadia says that her teachers picked on her and made her fail tests because she was fashionable and had highlights, which made them hate her. Nadia says that when she became famous, her friends and family turned against her because they thought she had become arrogant.

She also said that her relatives told her mother that no one would ask her to marry them if she danced badly at family weddings.

A Pakistani actress, host, and model named Nadia Khan is said to have started the morning show tradition. She is known for being the first live morning TV host in the country, which set a standard for others to follow. She started the first morning show in the country, which was then copied by many private TV networks. There is no doubt that Nadia Khan’s morning show had a big effect on Pakistan’s media scene.

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