Mushk Kaleem talks about the horrendous background of her family

In a recent appearance on the talk show Pakistani Supermodel Mushk Kaleem spoke about the tragic history in her own family.

A recent conversation the famous actress Iffat Omar Kaleem spoke about her father and mother. She revealed that her father was missing in 2013 and isn’t located as of yet.

“We lost my father back in 2013,” the star told host. “My father got kidnapped from Nigeria.”

When the host asked to confirm if ‘he never returned Kaleem said, “No and he is still missing.”

She also stated, “In February, it was seven years since he last seen. The time the incident occurred, I was only 18 and my brothers young. Thus, I consider myself an extremely strong and independent person since I learned at the age of a child that life is unpredictable, and one must be prepared for the worst.”

Kaleem stated, “I think that was the worst thing that has ever happened to me, but it has made me a stronger, better person.”

Kaleem has also stated she was influenced by her mom to ensure that that she was a strong and self-sufficient woman. She stated, “My mother inspires me every single day because of who she is, how she lives her life, and how she raised four kids on her own.”

Mushk Kaleem is among the most sought-after models in the nation She has also been on the runway during the well-known Milan Fashion Week. She also took home the ARY People’s Choice Award for “Best Model Female” last year.

Kaleem has a business acumen addition to modeling. She owns her own line of premium scented candles.

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