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Kiara Advani remembers how she felt when an older woman came up to her at a wedding.

Kiara Advani has talked about her fans and how she handles her work’s success. In an interview, Kiara said in an interview that when she was in the movie Kabir Singh, she got her “first taste of fame.” She talked about how her fans were surprised to see her without a mask after the COVID-19 mask ban was lifted. She also talked about a time when an older woman came up to her at a wedding.

Kiara recently gave an interview in which she said, “In 2019, Kabir Singh came out, and that’s when I got my first big fan base and all that. Almost a year later, there was a pandemic, and we lived in a generation where everyone wore masks. With those masks, we could walk into and out of the airport without being seen. I had forgotten how happy I was when they lifted the ban for the first time after two years of the pandemic. Recently, when we were coming here, I took off the mask, and that’s when they realized they knew me. I didn’t remember. “

She also said, “Just the other day, I was at a wedding, and this sweet old lady came up to me. I was eating, and I thought, ‘I’ll have to put my food down and take a picture for her.'” She said, ‘Hi. Listen, I don’t want a picture or anything, I just want to tell you I loved you in this movie, ‘and she was just chatting. It was great. I thought, “Now this is a moment I’ll remember.”

At the moment, the actress is getting all the attention as she promotes her new movie, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2.

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