Iqra Aziz posts unsettling remarks regarding her son

It is common to see supermom Iqra Aziz juggling her mommy tasks and work obligations extremely efficiently. Invariably Iqra is seen working hard and in the meanwhile, at the same taking care of her mother’s duties.

However, despite the hectic and frenzied schedule, Iqra’s mom is well-prepared. As the Jhooti entertainer is in the midst of a shaky recovery to his feet, Kabir’s mother is there to watch over him to ensure that he is well-taken care of and resting well.

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Being an amazing mom is an uneasy job. A recent conversation Iqra declared:

“Kabir is extremely content with my mother. Because my mother lives with me, I often ask my mother I’m worried that he’ll forget me and see that you are his mother. Recently, I was talking with him through a video call. There’s one thing I do when I talk to him. I did it, and he said hehehehe. I was glad that he recognized me”

Iqra Aziz as well as Yasir Hussain gathered the group on the 28th of December in 2020. The couple welcomed their son Kabir Hussain on July 20, 2021.

Iqra is known as a Pakistani entertainer. She presented her acting debut in 2014 and a second job shanzey from Kissey Apna Kahein.

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Aziz is most often credited with portraying the role that is Ajiya as Ajiya in Momina Duraid’s Suno Chanda. It earned some of her awards, such as Lux Style Awards for Best Actress Popular , and she received an initial approval for her show.

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