Inayat Khan discusses how he met his wife.

Inayat Khan is a gifted young performer in Pakistan’s entertainment industry, best known for his supporting role in the drama series “Dil Lagi.” He is also a performer and a model. He played the lead in several plays, including Ishq Zaat, G-T Road, Resham Gali Ki Husna, and Ishq Achanak. He was also in the telefilm Ishq Achanak.

As many Pakistani celebrities marry the passion of their lives, their fans are eager to learn about their love tales. Actor Inayat Khan shared an intriguing love tale with his followers. He recently appeared on Nida Yasir’s morning programme, where he discussed personal matters.

Presenter Nida Yasir asked him When did he start chatting with his wife, who was his cousin before marriage, and did you two have an open rapport as cousins? “There was no frank interaction, and we did not even speak adequately with each other,” he said. “We didn’t speak much because we were engaged, and when you’re engaged to someone, your acquaintances, particularly the friends of females, start teasing you with your fiance’s name,” he added. I was relieved that my grandma had made the choice. “I was also intrigued and thought we’d make a fine team.”

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