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According to Arbaaz Khan, when Dad wished to marry Helen, it was “tough” for Mother.

Arbaaz Khan, the actor, has spoken openly about how his family suffered when his father, writer Salim Khan, decided to remarry. In a recent interview, Arbaaz admitted that Salim’s decision was difficult for Salma Khan. It was a “very complicated situation,” he went on to say.

In November 1964, Salma and Salim Khan wed. Their four children are Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, and Alvira. In 1981, Salim married actress Helen. Another of their daughters is Arpita Khan.

It was difficult, particularly for my mother, Arbaaz said in an interview with Indian Express. At the time, we were all very young. But we could see that my father never abandoned or neglected us. Throughout our discussion, he characterised the link as an emotional accident. Most significantly, he chose to treat it with respect and integrate it into his life because it was not something he took lightly.

“It’s not simple to say that these things are normal or that they will succeed,” he added. Furthermore, just because one such family can band together does not ensure that others will follow suit. Having two amicable spouses and welcoming children is not a simple task. It’s a complicated situation, making it challenging to explain how, why, and precisely what went right. However, in retrospect, I think that being honest and trustworthy aided us somewhat.

Helen recently spoke with Arbaaz about Salim and Salma on his new talk show, “The Invincibles.” “He (Salim) gave me a role” (in a film). We became tight, and your mother was wonderful. It had to have been tough for her at the time; she had to have gone through a lot. I think you are all fated to be linked to me, and I want to thank you all. a)) a)) b)) c)) c)) c))

“At first, I would crouch down so Mother [Salma] wouldn’t see me and think that the vehicle was vacant near your home when I would pass Bandstand, and I would know that she periodically stands in the balcony,” she explained. I used to hold her in such high regard. Arbaaz, along with Helen, hosted the programme for his father, Salim Khan.

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