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In the new version of Pakeezah, Meera will play Meena Kumari.

Pakeezah is going to be remade, and Pakistani actor Meera Jee will play the main role (1972). She is ready to play the role that the late actor Meena Kumari played in the Pakistani version of Pakeezah, a famous Bollywood movie. The movie was written, directed, and made by Meena Kumari’s husband, Kamal Amrohi. Ashok Kumar, Raaj Kumar, and Meena Kumari, all of whom died before the movie came out, played the most important roles.

Meera Jee said in a conversation, “I will play Pakeezah for sure.” She went on to say that 13 years had been spent planning the project and that filming would start in March 2023. She also said that the search for actors is still going on and that the movie is being made by a company in the US called Red Lipstick. There were rumours that the main character would be played by actor Mahira Khan.

The musical drama Pakeezah, which was directed by Meena Kumari, is likely one of the most beautiful Indian movies ever made. The movie was made by Kamal Amrohi. He started making it in 1956 but put it on hold because he and his wife couldn’t talk to each other. Even though Meena was very sick, they both worked together to finish the movie in 1969. She died in 1972, just over a month after the movie came out, and it went on to do well.

Amitabh Bachchan talked about how famous director Kamal Amrohi used real rose water in all the fountains built on the Pakeezah sets in 2021. Meena’s book, Pakeezah by Meghnad Desai, says that she was only paid Rs 1 for her role in the movie.

Meena was born as Mahjabeen Bano on August 1, 1933, to painters Ali Bux and Iqbal Begum. When Ali Bux took her to studios when she was only four years old, she became the main source of income for her family. She has been in a number of movies, including Piya Ghar Aaja, Sanam, Garib, Vijay, and Baiju Bawra.

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