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In a sweet video, Priyanka Chopra’s child, Malti, plays with his cousins.

Young Malti Marie Chopra Jonas made her public debut with her parents, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, last month. As her father and her uncles Kevin and Joe Jonas received their stars during the Jonas Brothers’ Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on January 30 in Los Angeles, the 1-year-old sat on Priyanka’s lap. In an unreleased video from the event that has recently surfaced online, Malti can be seen playing with her cousins Alena and Valentina, who are the daughters of Nick’s older brother Kevin and his wife Danielle Jonas.

A candid video of Malti Marie Chopra Jonas wearing a beige and white gown with a delicate white bow was released on a fan page on Instagram on Friday. Malti was seen cuddling up on a baby mat on the floor with her cousins and the daughter of a friend of Priyanka, who were all enamoured by Malti’s tenderness. They could be seen laughing in the short film as Malti played with a toy. Malti had her back to the camera, so her face wasn’t visible in the video.

Viewers left nice remarks about the video. The Jonas sisters were one such entry.The baby, Malti Marie, was described as “almost going to walk any moment now” by another source. Another fan-written piece is “Missing Sophie’s Girls.” The sister of Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and his spouse, actress Sophie Turner, have two daughters. Their younger sister was born in 2022, and Willa, their first daughter, was born in 2020. At the Hollywood Walk of Fame event last month, Sophie and Joe’s daughters were absent.

Since Malti’s birth in January 2022, Priyanka and Nick have frequently posted pictures of their child on social media. Malti, on the other hand, is frequently either looking away from the camera or has an emoji covering her face. That made her public debut in support of her father all the more notable. Nick brought up his daughter during his speech at the Hollywood Walk of Fame event. “My wonderful wife, you are the calm in the crazy and the rock in the storm, and I enjoy being married to you.” before your pals. That is the ideal gift. I’m so grateful to have you as a child, Malti Marie. Hello, my dear! I can’t wait to join you here in 15 years and embarrass you in

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