Hira Mani reenacts her well-known line “Mard Bari Piyari Cheez Hai.”

There are people in our society who can bring a smile to our faces in this frantic and disheartening environment. Sometimes we recognise their value, and other times they leave us in the dark, but their deeds will always be remembered. A number of our celebs are really shrewd and appreciate the importance of their work. They are also able to identify the pure individuals among us.

Hira Mani is among these clever individuals. She is a seasoned actress who has excelled in all of the series in which she has appeared, and whose intelligence has enhanced her reputation. She began her artistic career after her marriage and climbed to renown before entering the entertainment world. Hira is well-liked by our entire audience, particularly the photographers, who feel at ease while shooting with her.

Hira and Mani are invited to return to Tabish’s Geo TV chat show “Hasna Mana Hai.” Tabish requested that she recite her amusing line, “Mard bari pyari cheez ha.” Hira performed it and repeated it while giggling uncontrollably. She explained to Tabish that while she was driving back from an interview with Samina Peerzada, she realised she had made a mistake by saying this, which was accurate. The following is a link to the Geo News interview with Hira and Mani.

She was once invited to an interview with Samina Peerzada, during which she was asked about men and reacted in a manner rarely observed in our culture. She added that the man is a very lovely creature, that he has sentiments, that we must attempt to respect them, and that we’ve made them strict. Because it is not a common perception of men, Hira’s thoughts on men go viral on the internet and inspire several memes.

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