Falak Celebrates Sarah Khan’s Birthday In His Own Style

Here is the big day for our favourite diva, Sarah Khan. Today is the birthday of the actress who is loved and admired the most in our business, and everyone sends her best wishes. Sarah and Falak Shabir are a well-known couple who have been married for two years and just had a cute little girl. They would fight for anyone in the world for their daughter.

Sarah Khan isn’t on TV as much as she used to be because she has a little girl. This little bundle of joy makes her parents happy and is liked by the public for her cute ways. Sarah and Falak’s love story ends with a wedding straight out of a fairy tale, where they take on many new responsibilities. They get through every problem in life together and don’t talk about it.

Sarah will remember this party for the rest of her life. There was a big heart-shaped cake on the table, as well as balloons, flowers, and gifts. We hope that this couple will always be as happy as they are now. This cute video of birds falling in love has gone viral on the internet. Check it out, and have fun!

Falak Shabir wished her wife a very happy birthday in a unique and beautiful way today. He gave Falak a big rose that will last almost six years and said that our love will last as long as he does. The video Sarah sent to her followers shows how much he loves and cares for people.

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