Hira Mani and Ahsan Khan share an amazing BTS video from the movie “Hum Dono.”

People think that the new drama Hum Dono by Ahsan Khan and Hira Mani will change how men are shown on screen. In the first two teasers for the miniseries, which have already been released, Khan and Mani’s happy family seems to be able to weather any storm. The plot is unique and well-balanced in many ways. Misogyny is a social problem that exists both in fiction and in real life, as Khan’s character shows.

Through his character, he shows how much healthier and more helpful it is to treat close relationships without fighting. His personality is a nice change from how people usually treat people of the other gender.

When the actors of the much-anticipated drama Hum Dono showed up at Lucky One Mall yesterday for a meet-and-greet, the city of Karachi went crazy. Fans welcomed the show’s stars with open arms, giving them flowers and having lively conversations with them. Karachiites came out in large numbers to show their love and support, and their response definitely won over the two. The OST song “Chal Kedhay” by the talented singer Asim Azhar was also released. “Most anticipated OST Chal Kehday of Hum Dono by Asim Azhar,” the Do Bol actress captioned a video of the event on Instagram.

The movie Hum Dono will come out this year. The project includes Hira, Ahsan, Azra Mansoor, Bismah Babar, Faizan Chawla, Taqi Ahmed, Asfar Khan, and Feroza Muhammad.

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