Here are our comments on the official trailer for Rehbra.

In 2022, Pakistan’s film industry has been churning out film after film. Numerous programmes that had been discontinued have been resurrected and made available to the public now that theatres are operating at full capacity. Rehbra is one such endeavour, featuring Ahsan Khan and Ayesha Omar. After considerable delay, the film’s release date was finally revealed earlier this month. The official trailer for Rehbra has been published, and we have our comments.

The teaser introduces Ahsan Khan as Danish and Ayesha Omar as Bubbly. From the outset, Danish culture comes across as adventurous and carefree. Someone who savours every moment of life. However, he does possess a vicious streak. Danish is frequently portrayed as the ideal hero with a romantic streak.It is reasonable to assume that Ahsan Khan has developed a reputation as a talented actor over the years. And the many emotions he depicts as Danish are believable. From the action sequences to his portrayal of Danish’s more sensitive side, Khan is believable in the clip.

Bubbly’s personality is true to its name. She is a feisty Punjabi girl who would not stand for injustice. She is confident, gregarious, and her personality is as colourful as her ensembles. Ayesha Omar’s Punjabi girl accent is immediately noticeable. Given how dissimilar Bubbly is to the actor as a whole,However, it will be intriguing to see Omar’s performance in the part.

Bubbly and Danish seem to cross paths aboard a train going towards Karachi. Both have their own friends, and Bubbly has even gotten married. Nevertheless, destiny has it that the two of them fall in love. As a consequence, drama unfolds, as Bubbly and Danish’s romance hits a snag.

Although Rehbra’s storyline is foreseeable. Due to the film’s strong cast, it has the potential to be pleasant. Ahsan Khan and Ayesha Omar’s chemistry has no limits. Along with performances by Saba Faisal, Sohail Sameer, and others, this will be a night to remember.

Saira Afzal produced the film, which Amin Iqbal wrote and directed. Asim Azhar created the film’s original score, which will be released in June.

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