Hadiqa Kiani takes a swipe at an Indian singer’s’shameless version’ of her song.

Hadiqa Kiana wasn’t about to allow music thieves to get away with their “shameless rendition, as the Jaanan singer resorted to social media to chastise the Indian artist for unauthorized use of her song.

Kanika Kapoor, an Indian singer, sang Kiani’s Boohey Barian for the first time on April 28.

Kiani captioned the image of the music video, “Another day, another shameless performance of the song my mum penned.” Nobody asked for my permission, no one paid me royalties; they just took the song my mother penned and I recorded and turned it into an easy money-making scam. “

Kiani said, “Some of these cover videos have garnered around 200 million views on YouTube.” The latter gives me credit by stating, original song: Hadiqa Kiani’s Boohey Barian.”

“I’m still alive and healthy; if you want to sing one of my songs, please contact me first,” the Dobara actor stated, adding that there is a “right and wrong way to do anything” and that “profiting off another’s a popular song without thinking is not right.”

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