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Helen says that she would hide herself in a car out of respect for Salma Khan.

It has been more than ten years since Helen made her last appearance in a significant motion picture. Her final significant acting role was in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine (2012), in which she portrayed a senior performer. She discussed her life’s journey with actor Arbaaz Khan and how dancing in motion pictures led to her major break. She also talked openly about her connection with Salim Khan, the screenwriter from the 1970s, and Arbaaz’s father. Helen claimed that she did her best to maintain a distance from Salim’s first wife, Salma Khan, in the beginning of their relationship because she respected her.

She and her family fled Burma in 1943, arriving in India via Myanmar, then Burma.The seasoned actor-dancer has performed in over a thousand motion pictures. She ultimately met Salim Khan on several of the films they worked on together when she was just out of her teens and began working in the film industry. He provided Helen with both financial and professional support when she was going through a challenging period in her life. He gave her some acting suggestions as well. They eventually grew close in the 1970s. However, Salim was already married and had four children.

Helen stated that she never wanted Salim to abandon his family during an interview with Arbaaz for his show, The Invincibles. She also expressed her admiration for Salma. “At first, whenever I would pass Bandstand and I would know that she occasionally stands in the balcony, I would duck down so that Mummy [Salma] would not see me and believe that the automobile was empty near your house,” the performer observed.I used to have such respect for her.

Later, Arbaaz asserted that their bonds are so strong that when Helen skips family gatherings or meals, Salma calls to find out when she will be coming. Helen gave Salma a lot of respect, saying that Salma had to have gone through a lot in the 1970s. She continued by saying that “jo hone hai, wohi hota hai” and that she strongly believes in fate (whatever happens will happen).

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